Here’s a sneak peak of the Website services we provide:

You need a passionate company that provides website services that cater to your needs and will boost your online presence. Not to mention, improve your sales, right? SillyMoose Designs will take care of everything because we’re passionate about your success, not to mention savvy.


At SillyMoose we design responsive, custom websites for your company or brand at affordable prices. Your website should showcase your brand’s values and individuality.

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What use is a website if nobody can find it? Our team will compile a marketing strategy according to attract visitors to your site and customers to your door. From Adwords to Social Media, we’ve got you covered.


You want to rank on the first page for your products and service. We’re experts that know exactly how to achieve this through SEO and a powerful network of back links


We’ll even host your website and email on a stable network that ensures that your website stays up, stays fast and stays supported. Technical support is always included and you can have up to 100 email addresses, which we’ll set up for you. Cool huh?

We'll LIVE CHAT for you

Need some extra hands? Well, we provide actual humans to engage and chat with the clients that visit your website. We’ll butter them up and then hand them to you to close the deal.

#Passionate #Personal #Powerful.

Borrow some of our Passion,
Grab a Personal service and
give your company the online Power it deserves.

SillyMoose Designs isn’t just another website company. Heck nooo! Our website company provides the full package to take care of all your online needs. At SillyMoose we offer a substantial list of website services that can be personalized according to your budget and special requirements. Some of our website services are:

  • expert and responsive website design,
  • web hosting,
  • Live chat services,
  • domain registration,
  • search engine optimization(SEO),
  • online search engine marketing like Adwords,
  • Social Media campaigns and management,
  • logo design and
  • even e-commerce.

We’ve got all your online needs covered under one roof.

You can pop us a quick message using the box to the right or CLICK HERE for a detailed quote request.



Some interesting techy blab about websites, if you have the time:

Website company imageThe experience and visual appeal of your website is more significant than just simply displaying the information you desire. However, the art lies in the technique of charming and maintaining the attention of your target audience. We take a look at who your ideal customers are and build according to their preferences, but of course, making sure that your company’s values and identity stay in tact. Our designer considers numerous elements when creating your online home. Among the major factors we think about is your intended audience’s gender, age bracket, income bracket etc. Most of all, your website should also feel alive (not in a creepy way) through animation, colours and graphics.

Each page is also tied to a keyword and the entire website is optimized for search engines to easily refer you. This is the SEO bling word that a website company loves throwing around these days. But SEO is more than just adding headings and chucking in some keywords. We’re smarter than that! It is about building credibility and establishing domain authority for your website and making sure that Google trusts your website enough to want to rank it on the first page.

In conclusion, the main point is that we’re focused on making your website “pretty” and fun to use, but above all it should generate new business and business leads. Our handy work will lead the fish in your direction, so that you can catch ’em and fry ’em.