Do short urls benefit SEO?

There certainly are a variety of Link minimizing solutions with generic domain names like,, A few tools are provided by big website players like Google with their shortener and a few micro-blogging sites like Twitter with twurl/Tweetburner.

The advantage and perks of a URL shortener can fit well in many virtual advertising projects. The goal of the post is not to note all the advantages of shrinking URLs, but in order to aim to comprehend if there are Search Engine Optimization perks from their use.

Their operation is relatively uncomplicated: each inserted URL is connected with a one-of-a-kind key, which in turn is typically the same alphanumeric code that shows up in the last part of the compressed URL. The latter then carries out a reroute to the initial url.

Do short urls benefit SEO?

  • The quick answer (in case you don’t feel like reading all the below) is NOT REALLY, no.
  • From the user experience perspective, these kinds of services may be very practical because it is always easier to find/share a quick link. This is particularly true considering that certain micro blogging services like Twitter limit the amount of characters in a message to 140.
  • The purpose when using very short URLs not optimized for SEO perks as the short links do not actually pass any credit to the landing web page.
  • Coming from an SEO standpoint, there is no explicit advantage since the links typically redirect using 301, 302 or JavaScript methods to their destination web pages.If the shortening services were to fail,
  • There is a question of the reliability of the services that could be disruptive to community websites and social networks. All dead links are preventing information sharing on networks.
  • A LINK shortening solution can have benefits from an advertising point of view, however, provide no genuine advantage in regards to natural SEO optimisation. Not all URL shorteners function similarly for SEO
  • Relevant outbound links help SEO no matter the nofollow or follow status. Reducing the URL can also minimize the risk of value transmission.
  • If you require affiliate links but don’t want a messy-looking URL. A shortening service is a good solution.
  • Some url shortening branded service allows customers to bring their own short domain name. A company can discover the number of clicks a specific link gets, the geographical location of site visitors, where the click was referred from and other statistics. The onboard stats do not have to replace Google Analytics as your Google Analytics ID could easily be incorporated with your account to allow all short-link pageview events to get seen in your Google Analytics profile.
  • Short links provide the most comprehensive data about the site traffic’s geological location. It assists in ascertaining your brand visibility and accordingly you can optimize the SEO.
  • When selecting a LINK shortener, you’ll want to use one that utilizes a 301 redirect from the short URL to the destination URL. This will ensure optimum PageRank passing for your site. You should choose a service that offers reports, metrics, and click statistics.

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