Shared or Dedicated Hosting?

by | 30 Jul 2017 | Technical stuff, Website Tips

shared or dedicated hosting imageBefore you decide if you’re buy shared or dedicated hosting, you should figure out what your hosting requirements are, as these hosting services differ in regards to performance and cost.

Shared Hosting.

In a shared hosting environment, several internet sites are placed on to a singular server. By doing this, the host can reduce its own cost, and professional services will be more affordable. There are some limits to consider. Limits on storage space and bandwidth, and the performance of your website is commonly influenced by the needs of the other websites, as you will be sharing the same server resources. This hosting service is perfect for sites that do not require a great deal of bandwidth. And sites that don’t need big disk storage or Central Processing Unit consumption.

Dedicated Hosting.

Your website is the only website held on the server in a dedicated hosting environment, . You are not sharing server resources with additional websites, your limitation is that of the hosting server. This hosting solution is for organisations and individuals who plan to operate an incredibly popular website. So, a great deal of disk space or run scripts that call for much more than average CPU consumption.

SillyMoose Hosting was created for small and medium businesses and only offer shared hosting. Our standard and custom hosting options haven’t failed anybody yet. So, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best option at the most affordable price.

Think you might need dedicated hosting, after all? We can help you set up dedicated hosting servers on , but only in the very rare case that you may actually require that much dedicated space.

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