Happy Holi Festival!

Happy Holi Festival!

To all of our friends and clients that are celebrating Holi this week:


We wish you a colourful life and a festival filled with playful joy <3

Happy Holi

The trees smile with their sprout
of tender leaves and blooming flowers,
Eternal nature with its transient expressions
Hails spring with ecstasy and joy!
Bewildering shades with so many tinge.
The land of beauty and greatness,
India, witnessing color of happiness and peace
Nation come alive to enjoy the spirit
A celebration of color- Holi!
An experience of content, harmony and delightHolika burns amidst merriment and mirth.
Evil overpowered by love and devotion.
A festival to commemorate ‘Ras Lila’-
an enduring love saga of Radha and Krishna.


Gulal – red, green, yellow and countless
A day’s canvas – a riot of colors
Lively crowd running hither and thither,
Rainbow of colors, dashing from every nook and corner
Disregarding their woe and despair fervent folks,
rejoicing at the marvel of colors.
A day filled with luster and gaiety,
A day to smear our dreams-
With a splash of vibrant frenzy colors
Holi Hai! A spring of unbounded fun and frolic!!

holi festival photo
The Newbie’s Guide to Getting a Website Live

The Newbie’s Guide to Getting a Website Live

The newbie’s guide to getting a website live

So you’re finally ready to take the plunge and launch your very own website. But where do you start? If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Getting a website up and running can seem like a daunting task, but we promise it’s not as complicated as it seems.


Here’s a quick overview of what you need to do to get your site live.

The newbie's guide to getting a website live banner

Choose your domain name – this is what people will type into their browser to find your site

Choosing the right domain name for your website can be overwhelming and intimidating as it sets the tone for people’s first impression of your site. So take the time to choose wisely and strategically, and make sure that the domain name you select is concise, easy to type, memorable, and relevant to your business or organization. Ideally, something that is short, sweet and simple – because in this day and age nobody has time for convoluted web addresses! After all, you want potential customers to find you quickly and easily.


choosing a domain name for your website

Find a web hosting provider – this is where your website’s files will live

Before you can begin setting up your website, you’ll need to find a web hosting provider that suits your needs. Luckily, with so many available these days, it’s easier than ever before to find one that gives you the features and affordability you require. Look carefully at what each company offers in terms of storage space, bandwidth, or other features like maintenance and customer service – all of these components will play an important role in keeping your website running smoothly for visitors. With the right provider by your side, getting started on your website will be a cinch – and don’t forget to shop around for the best deal!

Sillymoose Managed Hosting SEO
hosting choices for SEO
Xneelo hosting logo

Set up your hosting account and install WordPress – this is the software you’ll use to build your site

Getting your website started can be daunting at first, but the good news is that the process is actually quite simple. To begin, you need to set up a hosting account and install WordPress. This is the software which will form the core of your website and it’s widely considered to be one of the most reliable platforms for building websites. If you’re familiar with content management systems then you should have no problem getting WordPress up and running. Alternatively, there are plenty of comprehensive tutorials out there which will guide you through setting it up step-by-step. Once everything is installed, you’ll be ready to start constructing your new website!

wordpress image

Choose a WordPress theme – this will determine the look and feel of your site

Selecting a WordPress theme for your website is often the first step in getting your project up and running. Choosing wisely can be a daunting task, as there are numerous options available with different features, designs and styles to consider. When making your selection, it’s important to keep in mind the overall goal/purpose of your site as well as any specific needs you may have for functionality. Spending some time researching various themes and their capabilities can give you insight into which one might be best suited for achieving the look and feel you desire.

Install plugins – these are like add-ons that give your site additional functionality

Getting your website up and running can be overwhelming, but with the right plugins, you’ll have it done in no time! Whether you need to add a contact form, a newsletter signup, an e-commerce store or something else entirely – there’s a plugin for that. Just look through the available options and pick the one that best fits your needs. With these time savers, you’ll be ready to launch the perfect website in no time.

Create pages and posts – this is the content that will go on your site

Creating pages and posts for your website is an exciting step! This is the content that will bring life and energy to your website, engaging visitors and establishing a connection between them and what you offer. Coming up with engaging content that accurately represents what you are passionate about or the services you offer can be challenging, but also highly gratifying. Put some thought into what type of content will best represent your purpose, company culture, or goals. Plan out the structure of your website before diving in so that all of your pages can flow easily from topic to topic. When it comes to creating posts, think of interesting topics that relate to the primary focus of your website to pique visitor interest. Don’t be afraid to explore different types of media like images, audio files, and even videos- they can make all the difference in terms of engagement!


creating content gettining a website

That’s it! Those are the six things you need to do to get a website started. Now all you have to do is actually put in the work and create something amazing.

If you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m happy to help where I can.

Female empowerment in Real Estate Investment

Female empowerment in Real Estate Investment

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about women in investment. For many people, the idea of women being involved in investment is still a relatively new concept. However, the truth is that women have been involved in investment for quite some time now.

One of the biggest obstacles that women face when it comes to investment is the fact that they are often not taken seriously by the investment community. This is something that is slowly starting to change, but there is still a long way to go. The good news is that there are now more opportunities than ever before for women to get involved in investment.

One of the best ways for women to get started in investment is to consider property investment. Property investment is a great option for women because it offers a number of unique advantages.

One of the biggest advantages of property investment is that it is a relatively stable investment. Unlike stocks and shares, which can go up and down in value, property tends to hold its value over time. This makes it a great investment for women who are looking to build long-term wealth.

Another advantage of property investment is that it offers the potential for high returns. With the right investment, it is possible to make a lot of money from property investment. This is another reason why property investment is such a great option for women.

If you are a woman who is looking to get started in investment, then property investment is definitely worth considering. There are many advantages to property investment that make it an ideal choice for women. So, if you are ready to take the next step in your investment journey, then property investment could be the perfect option for you.

Which real estate investment companies are women empowered?

There are a number of real estate investment companies that are women empowered. These companies offer a range of investment products and services that are designed to help women build wealth.

Some of the women-empowered real estate investment companies include:

  • SheBuilds Wealth
    Women in Property Investment
    Equites Property Fund

In fact, Equites just recently published two blogs around the topic of women in the REIT industry. Take a look at their blogs:

Equites women thriving in a male-dominated industry
Attracting and retaining female talent at Equites

Go forth and conquer ladies!

Keywords to consider: investment, women empowerment, real estate investment, SheBuilds Wealth, Women in Property Investment, EquityGuru, Equites Property Fund.

women power photo

Environmentally friendly?

Environmentally friendly?

Whether we relate to those who call themselves ‘greens’, everyone are becoming significantly conscious that our natural world is harming and that all are accountable for its care and health. The current discussions on how to reduce carbon emissions is an indicator of the delicate relationship that exists between people and the environment. I am certain that, like me, you too are becoming progressively aware that you are a part of the environment not apart from it.

We frequently show no idea of the consequences of our actions effects of our actions. We are creatures of habit and benefit. Our busy lives and indulgent lifestyle frequently produce loss of sight to the saying that ‘every action has an opposite response’. Star and ecologist Ed Asner described it like this:

” We all moan and groan about the loss of the quality of life through the damage of our ecology, and yet each one people, in our own little comfy methods, contributes day-to-day to that damage. It is time now to awaken in each one of us the regard and attention our precious mother should have.”

We are significantly realizing the effect that the collected effects of centuries of industrialization, is having on the environment. If we know our relationship with the environment, we will actively change our lifestyle and habits to protect the vulnerable world we reside in.

In the past, the ancient indigenous cultures of our world found out how to live consistently with the environment. They learned to utilize its resources for their needs and not their greed. They learned to secure their resources and reside in consistency with the seasons by just taking resources for individual requirements at a time when those resources were naturally in abundance. They resided in consistency with the environment and the environment lived in consistency with them.

So what can you do to honour this environmental relationship? How about recycling, using environmentally safe cleaning products, and driving less? Someplace in time, we lost the idea of belonging to the environment and not being apart from it. As a human race, we began to see ourselves as in some way separate from it and our lifestyles concentrated on what we could draw from the world around us and forgot what we ought to return to. The cost of our actions is not only the damage of the environment that we are a part of, but also potentially our own damage.

trees photo

Can I host my website on my home computer?

Yes, you can. Before you do so, there are limitations you need to take into consideration:.
You should know how you can setup a WWW server software on your personal computer. This is a software program that enables Internet users to gain access to the web files on your personal computer.
Your Internet service provider supports you running internet sites on your personal computer. You will have to investigate your bandwidth quota.
Your computer system has to remain on at all times. Each and every time you switch it off or restart, your website will emerge as inaccessible.
Your website will load slowly as house internet connections are not developed for serving websites.

Do short urls benefit SEO?

There certainly are a variety of Link minimizing solutions with generic domain names like bit.ly, tinyurl.com, short.ie. A few tools are provided by big website players like Google with their goo.gl shortener and a few micro-blogging sites like Twitter with twurl/Tweetburner.

The advantage and perks of a URL shortener can fit well in many virtual advertising projects. The goal of the post is not to note all the advantages of shrinking URLs, but in order to aim to comprehend if there are Search Engine Optimization perks from their use.

Their operation is relatively uncomplicated: each inserted URL is connected with a one-of-a-kind key, which in turn is typically the same alphanumeric code that shows up in the last part of the compressed URL. The latter then carries out a reroute to the initial url.

Do short urls benefit SEO?

  • The quick answer (in case you don’t feel like reading all the below) is NOT REALLY, no.
  • From the user experience perspective, these kinds of services may be very practical because it is always easier to find/share a quick link. This is particularly true considering that certain micro blogging services like Twitter limit the amount of characters in a message to 140.
  • The purpose when using very short URLs not optimized for SEO perks as the short links do not actually pass any credit to the landing web page.
  • Coming from an SEO standpoint, there is no explicit advantage since the links typically redirect using 301, 302 or JavaScript methods to their destination web pages.If the shortening services were to fail,
  • There is a question of the reliability of the services that could be disruptive to community websites and social networks. All dead links are preventing information sharing on networks.
  • A LINK shortening solution can have benefits from an advertising point of view, however, provide no genuine advantage in regards to natural SEO optimisation. Not all URL shorteners function similarly for SEO
  • Relevant outbound links help SEO no matter the nofollow or follow status. Reducing the URL can also minimize the risk of value transmission.
  • If you require affiliate links but don’t want a messy-looking URL. A shortening service is a good solution.
  • Some url shortening branded service allows customers to bring their own short domain name. A company can discover the number of clicks a specific link gets, the geographical location of site visitors, where the click was referred from and other statistics. The onboard stats do not have to replace Google Analytics as your Google Analytics ID could easily be incorporated with your account to allow all short-link pageview events to get seen in your Google Analytics profile.
  • Short links provide the most comprehensive data about the site traffic’s geological location. It assists in ascertaining your brand visibility and accordingly you can optimize the SEO.
  • When selecting a LINK shortener, you’ll want to use one that utilizes a 301 redirect from the short URL to the destination URL. This will ensure optimum PageRank passing for your site. You should choose a service that offers reports, metrics, and click statistics.

We totally recommend tiny.cc because it’s really quick and you can share immediately through their social media link buttons.

Textbook season has arrived again

Textbook season has arrived again

Hey Students and Academics, it is that time of the year when you get a book list from your university and need to scramble and collect cents to purchase your books. We are taking a look at particularly accounting books in this post and have found a South African provider that has good prices. Have a look at Discount rate Textbooks.

They are also good enough to not sell you an old edition. Many tax and accounting textbooks are getting new editions in 2021. Discount Textbooks have marked the books that are awaiting new editions. Gosh, imagine purchasing a 2020 edition and then a month later on the brand-new edition gets here. Na uh, who wishes to lose cash like that?

So, if you click on the 2020 title, they’ve suggested that a brand-new edition is coming and when to anticipate the new edition. These are some of the textbooks we see are waiting for new editions. You can click on the title to see when the new edition comes out:

  • SAICA Student Handbook 2021 Volume 1
  • SAICA Trainee Handbook 2021 Volume 2
  • SAICA Trainee Handbook 2021 Volume 3
  • Student’s Guide to Advanced Tax 2021
  • Silke: South African Earnings Tax 2021

school books photo

So, be patient, take a look at when the brand-new editions are coming out and get the ideal book at lower rates. You got ta be wise.

Have an amazing academic year peeps!

Understanding email: POP and IMAP?

Understanding email: POP and IMAP?

The choice between selecting POP or IMAP when setting up email can be pretty confusing. First of all, POP and IMAP are two diverse protocols (methods) used to gain access to email from your laptop, phone, tablet and any kind of device.

Here are the big differences between POP and IMAP: